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Founded in 2018, Our Signature Store is an advocate of conscious living and continues to inspire the adoption of a conscious lifestyle among its community.

What started as a passion project for the founders, has grown into a full-fledged community of conscious consumers believing in the products we recommend.

Environmental sustainability has gained a lot of traction over the years. However, conscious living is beyond the realms of environmental sustainability. Albeit they share a lot of similarities, conscious living is about being aware of the impact of consumption on you, your community, and the earth before choosing to consume. Placing importance in self-care, conscious parenting and ethical buying are some of the aspects of conscious living that we stand behind.

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As strong believers of progress rather than perfection, we will continue to encourage the adoption of conscious lifestyle through our products and business practices, among our employees, customers, and retailers.

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We've dropped Carl Oscar's Kids Tempflask countless times and it's still looking good. Especially thrilled that the drinking spout remains intact despite Avery's abuse.



We love how this disc keeps Emmie occupied and excited to discover what snacks we pack on outings for her!

Definite must-have when heading out!



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